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America For Israel: Delegations to Strengthen US/Israel Relations

Renowned Archaeologist, Eli Shukron, leading a one-of-a-kind Biblical Tour at The City of David, Jerusalem.

America for Israel

Jan 30, 2023

Leaving behind the hustle of business leadership or political service for a few days to join one of AFI's Israel Delegations truly opens new doors of exploration and partnership in the Land of the Bible. The unique opportunity to meet dignitaries and business leaders in Israel alongside cultivating spiritual growth in God's set apart land is what drives the mission of America for Israel.

Stop for a moment and envision this: you're traveling on a flight for business as you do frequently, you have your laptop to maximize your time in flight, but this time, you have 10 hours until landing. You land finally, gather your bags and deboard the plane, business as usual, but this time something is different. You step onto the jet bridge, and there is something different about the air around you. You begin to see a language you've only rarely seen in Bible shows, and you are greeted by a sign at the end of the jet bridge that says, "Welcome to the Land of the Bible." You're in Israel, and you have no idea what to expect other than something very fulfilling — and you're exactly right. You realize that after this experience, you will never be the same. As we like to tell people, the Bible is 3D, living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword, and when you visit Israel, you leave with the 4K dimension of the Word. Now, you're able to see, feel, smell, and know the geographical context of Scripture, which changes you forever. Imagine having this opportunity to pair business with His Kingdom in a very tangible way. This is the heart of America for Israel. We gather the top business and political leaders from the US and from Israel to create real opportunities in both the public and private sectors with the aim of building a growing coalition of American Ambassadors for Israel.

America for Israel brings the complete package to our members to get business done and establish lasting bilateral partnerships between the US and Israel. We provide key services for investments, trade and public service on both the US side and the Israel side for ease of procuring successful transactions. Join us on this journey, and we look forward to hosting you for a VIP experience in the Land of Israel.

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