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Bible in Context: The Key to Navigating the Holy Land

View from the Biblical City of David, overlooking the Kidron Valley in Jerusalem.

America for Israel

Jan 26, 2023

America for Israel's founders Shanda and Nathan Hasse have spent a decade exploring the Holy Land with renowned Archaeologists and Biblical Scholars, and they've been led to true ancient Biblical sites versus many of the traditional sites the modern world knows.

The key to a fulfilling experience in the Holy Land is to discover the raw, untouched ancient sites that are off the beaten path — wide open spaces preserved by God for such a time as this. There is a very real dichotomy between Constantinian Church history and the raw Biblical history of the Patriarchs. Experiencing Israel through this lens and that of an archaeologist is a rare path of modern tours. The examination of the traditional sites in comparison to the more accurate uncoverings of ancient Biblical history in off the path sites is the most enriching way to see His Land, turning you into an explorer where you get to decide.

Learning about the flora and fauna of Bible texts as you explore the Land is also of great importance because life in ancient Israel revolved around agriculture, which is evident throughout the Bible. Have you ever thought to hold a mustard seed in your hand, then taste it — or visit a local perfumery to have a custom scent made from Biblical plants? Taking this unique approach to a Holy Land tour is a fulfilling way to explore the scrolls of Scripture.

Olive grove on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Additionally, sharing key insights on the modern challenges that Israel faces is another mission of America for Israel. We take you on exclusive tours of IDF bases, Iron Dome batteries, and view Israel from new heights in helicopters. Understanding the conflicts Israel faces on a daily basis is vital to our partnership with Israel. The experiential education on these matters, circumventing mainstream media, will reveal the truth of what Israel is battling and how we can come alongside the Jewish State in support as ambassadors. The indelible mix of ancient Biblical discovery crossing paths with modern partnerships and innovation is the gem of AFI delegations.

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